2017 Massey Ferguson 5711

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Tested around the world. The 5700 Series will feel right at home on your farm.

The new 5700 Series from Massey Ferguson® has been tested in many of the toughest environments around the world. And these tractors are uniquely designed for more power to pull heavier implements, while still being nimble enough to maneuver almost anywhere. You get the versatility and ease-of-use you need to feel right at home during a long day’s work.

  • Durability: When tractor components are built together, they work better together. Giving you the right level of performance and durability you need to handle any job. Over and over.
  • Versatility: The 5700 Series is heavier than other tractors in it’s class, designed to handle larger, heavier implements and more demanding applications. So yeah, they're isn’t much they can’t do.
  • Ease of Use: The 5700 Series is engineered for smart, ergonomic, long-lasting operation. With features that make it so easy to use, you’ll get more done than ever before.
  • Max Engine Power HP (kW) @ 2,000 RPM: 110
  • Rated Engine Power HP (kW) @ 2,200 RPM: 105
  • Maximum Torque Nm/Engine Speed (RPM): 417/1,500
  • PTO HP @ 2,200 RPM HP (kW): 90
  • PTO HP @ 2,000 RPM HP (kW): 98
  • Engine: AGCO Power 4-cyl, 4.4 L, intercooled turbocharger, high-pressure common-rail direct fuel injection (HPCR)
  • Emissions control; EPA Tier 4 compliant: SCR technology (post-combustion DEF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)
  • Transmission type: Classic: 12F x 12R, 2 range, Syncro-Shuttle, mechanical shuttle lever; Deluxe: 12F x 12R, 2 range, Power-Shuttle, electro-hydraulic shuttle lever
  • Clutch: Classic: dry clutch with foot pedal control; Deluxe: wet clutch with foot pedal control; declutch “easy-shift button” on gear shift knob and electro-hydraulic shuttle lever
  • Rear axle: Flange-type with internal planetary final drives
  • Brakes: Internal wet disc, independently controlled via foot pedals
  • Differential lock: Rear axle engaged via electro-hydraulic rocker switch
  • Front axle: Classic & Deluxe: 2WD (5710 only) – adjustable front axle; 4WD – cast steel fixed front axle, center drive line, planetary final drives 4WD front axle differential lock – Classic: Autolock; Deluxe: Hydralock
  • Hydraulic system: Open center system, dual pump
  • Hydraulic flow @ rear remotes gpm (LPM): Classic: Main pump 15.1 (57); Deluxe: Main pump 15.1 (57) & Auxiliary pump 10.8 (41), Total combined 25.9 (98)
  • Rear remote valves: 2 factory valves, double-acting, kickout, float (DA/KO/FL) Opt. 3rd valve, field-installed SRN
  • Loader joystick: Opt.: mounted on platform, valve on loader sub-frame w/ flat-face couplers
  • 3-point lift capacity full stroke @ 24" (610mm) behind ball ends lbs. (kg.): 7,710
  • Rear PTO: Classic: 540/1000; Deluxe: 540/540E/1000
Operator Area
  • Electrical system: 12-volt DC system, 80-amp alternator, 7-pin trailer socket, Deluxe: also features a 30-amp auxiliary power socket
  • Platform features: Flat-floor deck, folding ROPS, rubber mat, tool box, L&R shields, grab handles, cup holder
  • Cab features: Fully integrated controls; quiet; flat floor, Opt. ergonomically-designed factory joystick; draft, throttle, remotes, PTO engagement, differential lock, 4WD switch on right console; digital and analog dash; largest cab in the industry; rubber floor mat; two cup holders
  • Lighting (ROPS): Classic & Deluxe: 4 headlights, 2 rear signal/hazard lights, 1 rear ROPS work light Deluxe: 2 additional mid-mount adjustable work lights
  • Steering: Classic cab: Tilt steering; Deluxe platform: Tilt steering; Deluxe cab: Tilt and telescopic steering
  • Seat: Classic: Spring suspension mounted seat, adjustable fore and aft, with mechanical weight adjustment, retractable seat belt; Deluxe: Mechanical swiveling seat with armrests
  • Wheelbase in. (mm): 95.7 (2,431)
  • Minimum width (Rear 420/85R30) in. (mm): 70.7 (1,795)
  • Base weight without ballast lbs. (kg.)*: 4WD ROPS – 8,840 (4,010)
  • Fuel capacity gal. (L): 38.3 (145), ground fill; Deluxe: fuel tank guard
*Specifications are manufacturer’s estimates at time of publication and are subject to change without prior notification. **Not currently for sale in the State of Nebraska.



Engine Manufacturer
AGCO Power
Engine Type
4-cyl, 4.4 L, intercooled turbocharger
Max: 110 hp; Rated: 105 hp
80 hp
Rated RPM
2200 rpm


95.7 in. (2,431 mm)
70.7 in. (1,795 mm)
8,840 lb. (4,010 kg)


Fuel System
High-pressure common-rail direct fuel injection (HPCR)
Fuel Capacity
38.3 gal. (145 L)
Classic: 12F x 12R, 2 range, Syncro-Shuttle, mechanical shuttle lever; Deluxe: 12F x 12R, 2 range, Power-Shuttle, electro-hydraulic shuttle lever
Internal wet disc, independently controlled via foot pedals
Type: Open center system, dual pump; Flow @ Rear Remotes: Classic: 15.1 gpm (57 Lpm); Deluxe: Total: 25.9 gpm (98 Lpm)
Drive Type

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