2019 5713SL - Massey Ferguson

2019 5713SL - Massey Ferguson

The Ultimate Workhorse.

Introducing our most advanced mid-range tractor ever. This premium workhorse gives you the unmatched visibility, unparalleled versatility and high performance you’re looking for, all in a smaller 110-130 HP package. You can find a bigger tractor. But it would be tough to find a better one.

  • Description


    • Dyna-4 Transmission: The transmission smoothly shifts gears without the need to clutch making operation easy and straightforward. Four ranges and gears provide the operator with the best working speeds to cover a wide variety of applications.
    • AGCO Power™ 4-Cylinder 4.4L Engine: The Tier 4 Final engine provides unmatched power, with advanced technology that meets emissions requirements, saves time and makes for easy maintenance. And with no need for a DPF, power is available whenever you need it without compromising fuel efficiency.
    • Twin Flow System: The optional combined twin flow enables the use of a wide variety of implements based on application. The two pumps combine to create 26gpm (100lpm) of flow sent to the implement hydraulics system, allowing for quicker and smoother operation.
    • Front Axle Suspension: The Massey Ferguson designed and built suspension is completely integrated into the tractor for maximum comfort and maneuverability. It maximizes ground clearance and gives the operator a better turning angle and angle of oscillation.

    Ease of Use

    • Setup & Information Screen (SIS) Full-Color Dash: The large, non-polarized dash enhances visibility and resolution in a simple-to-navigate system. You can adjust tractor functions and settings right on the screen, without the need for an additional console.
    • Auto-Guide™ 3000: The optional, fully-integrated auto-guide steering solution delivers user-friendly guidance capabilities that allow you to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.
    • Auto-Drive: Allows the operator to drive your tractor like a car with an automotive transmission. All you do is use the hand or foot throttle to accelerate and the tractor does the rest.
    • Joystick: All major tractor functions, including changing direction, changing speeds, declutching and operating the loader, are handled by the joystick. The operator doesn’t have to change hand positions to change speed or gears, maximizing comfort.
    • Power Shuttle Control: An industry-unique power shuttle control allows you to easily upshift and downshift on the control lever and declutch by lifting the lever up.
    • Auto-Neutral: Automatically neutralizes the transmission when both brake pedals are applied, without having to use the foot clutch. When you release the brake pedal the transmission reengages.
    • Anti-Stall: Automatically shifts the transmission in neutral if the engine speed drops below 650 RPM while in gear and working.


    • Visio Roof: Provides greater all-around visibility, especially for loader applications, helping to reduce aches and pains caused from having to constantly lean to look around the machine.
    • Cab: Conveniently-placed controls and reduced 70 DBA noise levels make this our most comfortable, quietest cab yet.
    • Steep Nose Hood: Our exclusive angled-hood design provides unmatched visibility in loader applications, so it’s easier to see what’s in front of you, allowing you to work safer and more efficiently.


    • Maximum Engine Power HP (kW) @ 1,900 RPM: 130
    • Rated Engine Power HP (kW) @ 2,200 RPM: 125
    • Max PTO HP (kW): 120 (89.5)
    • Max Torque @ 1600 RPM (Nm): 545
    • Engine: AGCO Power™ 4-cyl, 4.4 L, intercooled turbocharger, high-pressure common rail direct fuel injection (HPCR)
    • Emissions control; EPA Tier 4 compliant: SCR technology (post-combustion DEF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)
    • Rated PTO HP (kW): 105 (78.3)


    • Transmission type: Dyna-4 16 x 16 Powershift and Power Shuttle Transmission, Available 13:68:1 Creeper
    • Gears/Ranges: 4 Gears, 4 Ranges, all fully electronic shifting on the roll without foot clutch
    • Transmission control: Left-hand 3-function power control lever and right-hand T-handle control lever
    • Clutch: Wet multi-disc clutch, foot pedal and electronic control
    • Rear axle: Solid cast steel with flange, internal planetary reduction
    • Brakes: Internal wet disc, hydraulic power assist, individual left and right foot pedal
    • Differential lock: Fully locking and rear-axle differentials, electro-hydraulically engaged
    • Front axle: Single-piece steel with outboard planetary final drives, hydraulic suspension optional


    • Hydraulic system: Open-center or closed-center PFC
    • Hydraulic flow @ rear remotes gpm (LPM): 15 (57) (open center), 26 (100) (Twin Flow) 29 (110) Opt. (closed center)
    • Remote valves: Up to 4, mechanical and electronic control
    • Loader joystick: Mechanical multifunction joystick in RH console, or electronic multifunction joystick in RH seat armrest
    • 3-point type and lift capacity full stroke @ 24" (610mm) behind ball ends lbs. (kg.): Cat III, Telescopic Links, 8,575 (3,890)
    • Rear PTO: 540/540e or 540/540e1000, electro-hydraulic engagement and speed selection

    Operator Area

    • Cab: Large 6-post, twin doors, flat foot deck, available mechanical suspension
    • Customer-focused package: Classic and Deluxe
    • Electronic user interface: System Information Screen (SIS) or Control Center Display (CCD) color terminal
    • Electrical system: 12-volt system, 120-amp alternator or 175-amp alternator
    • Steering: Tilt and telescoping


    • Wheelbase in. (mm): 100 (2,550)
    • Width in. (mm): 79.3 (2,013) to 100.4 (2,550)
    • Maximum height over cab in. (mm): 111.3 (2,826)
    • Base weight without ballast lbs. (kg.): 2WD: 8,929 (4,050) 4WD: 10,582 (4,800)
    • DEF capacity gal. (L): 6.6 (25), left-side fill
    • Fuel capacity gal. (L): 47 (180), left-side fill


    Specifications are manufacturer’s estimates at time of publication and are subject to change without prior notification.

  • Specs

    Availability Brochure
    Style Agricultural Tractors
    Engine Type AGCO Power™ 4-cyl, 4.4 L,
    Horsepower 125 hp
    Transmission Dyna-4 16x16 Power Shift and Power Shuttle Transmission, Available 13:68:1 Creeper
    Weight 2WD: 8929 lb. (4050 kg); 4WD: 10582 lb. (4800 kg)