2020 AUTOMOWER® 435X AWD (967 85 33-05) - Husqvarna

2020 AUTOMOWER® 435X AWD (967 85 33-05) - Husqvarna

Husqvarna's Automower® 435X AWD is a pioneer in the world of robotic lawn mowers. Equipped with exclusive all-wheel-drive technology, this heavy-duty mower is built to tackle tough terrain and the steepest slopes, including inclines up to 35° (so you don't have to!) Featuring Automower® Connect for smartphone control and smart home integration - as well as advanced, GPS-assisted navigation - the 435X AWD is the perfect mowing solution for your property.

    • Description

      Key Features

      • Automower® All-Wheel Drive: Automower® AWD models feature technology that optimizes the control of each individual wheel in order to enable superior operation in the most demanding terrain. With an impressive slope performance that handles 70 % (35°) incline. Automower® AWD rewrites the rules for autonomous maintenance of green spaces, improving the safety of your workforce.
      • Pivoting rear body design: Automower® AWD models are built with an articulated rear body design that enables truly excellent maneuverability for navigation on complex lawns and through passages. The rear body also has a pivoting capability, considerably enhancing the traction in rough terrain, making the most out of the AWD operation.
      • Automower® Access: The new Automower Access user interaction with high-resolution color display, jog wheel and status indicators, provides an intuitive yet sophisticated way of controlling your mower. The icon-based design language integrates intuitively with the Automower® Connect smartphone app, providing a seamless user experience.
      • GPS-assisted navigation - PATENTED: An onboard GPS system creates a map of the garden, including where the boundary and guide wires are installed. Husqvarna Automower® will then register which parts of the garden it has covered and adjusts its mowing pattern accordingly. This will ensure optimized lawn coverage and an excellent cutting result.


      • Battery type: Li-Ion
      • Battery voltage: 18 V
      • Battery capacity: 5.0 Ah
      • Typical charging time: 30 min
      • Typical mow time on one charge: 100 min
      • Power consumption during cutting: 40 W


      • Working area capacity (±20): 0.9 acre
      • Charging system: Automatic
      • Maximum incline within the working area: 35 °
      • Maximum incline inside working area: 70 %
      • Maximum incline at boundary wire: 50 %

      Cutting deck

      • Cutting system: 3 pivoting razor blades
      • Cutting width: 8.7 in
      • Cutting height, max (approximate): 2.8 in
      • Cutting height, min (approximate): 1.2 in


      • Product Size, LxWxH: 36.6x21.7x11.4 in


      • Keypad: None
      • Information panel: Large LCD display
      • Timer: Yes
      • Handle type: Integrated
      • Wheel threads: Medium
      • Alarm: High
      • PIN code: Yes
      • Installation lock: No
      • Time lock: Yes
      • Lift sensor: Yes
      • Tilt sensor: Yes
      • Extra blades: 9 pcs
      • Staples: 0 pcs

      Sound and Noise

      • Sound level Guaranteed: 62 dB(A)


      AM435XAWD US, CA ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER - 967 85 33-05

    • Specs

      Availability Brochure
      Style Residential Lawn Mowers
      Deck Size 8.7 in.