2020 HiCut 64 (964 95 40-03) - Husqvarna

2020 HiCut 64 (964 95 40-03) - Husqvarna

Model 64 has a unique feature; its cutting height is adjustable up to 2.2 in. It is designed to be easy to use even in tall grass. Perfect for lawns that are not cut frequently.

    • Description

      Key Features

      • Extra hardened reel blade and bedknife: For excellent cutting performance and maximum durability.
      • Infinite cutting height adjustment: Very easy to push even in tall grass. Perfect for lawns that aren't cut frequently. Simple fingertip cutting height adjustment up to 55 mm.
      • Sturdy wheels: Durable and easy to roll for maximum convienience.
      • Collector available as accessory: Use the easy to install collector for an even cleaner look to your lawn after mowing.


      • Net power at preset rpm Energy: 0 kW
      • Net power at preset rpm: 0 rpm

      Cutting deck

      • Cutting methods: Reel Blade and Bedknife
      • Cutting width: 16 in
      • Cutting height adjustment: Manual
      • Cutting height, max (approximate): 2.2 in
      • Cutting height, min (approximate): 0.5 in

      Drive system

      • Drive system: Push


      • Collector type: Fabric
      • Soft grip: Yes


      • Wheel size, Front: 8.7 in
      • Wheel size, Rear: 0 in
      • Weight: 19 lbs


      • Cutting deck material: Steel
    • Specs

      Availability Brochure
      Style Residential Lawn Mowers
      Deck Size 16 in.
      Discharge Type Reel Blade and Bedknife
      Transmission Push