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2023 MF 5700 S - 110 - 130 HP - Massey Ferguson

2023 MF 5700 S - 110 - 130 HP - Massey Ferguson

MF 5700 Global Series Mid-Range Tractors


The MF 5700 S Series tractors offer excellent maneuverability and versatility for work in and around barns, in the field, or on the road. The impressive performance and efficient design of the Dyna-4 transmission provides unbeatable productivity, control and convenience, with completely clutchless shifting of 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds.

  • Performance

    • A TRACTOR YOU CAN RELY ON - These tractors are the result of more than 65,000 hours of rigorous endurance testing in extreme weather and terrain conditions around the world. You can depend on them to get you through just about anything. 
    • VERSATILITY - The MF 5700 Series is heavier than other tractors in its class, and designed to handle larger, heavier implements and more demanding applications. There isn't much they can't do. 
    • EASE OF USE - The MF 5700 Series is engineered for smart, ergonomic, long-lasting operation. With features that make it so easy to use, you'll get more done than ever before. 
    • DURABILITY - When tractor components are built together, they work better, giving you the right level of performance and durability you need to handle any job. Day after day.
    • LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP - The MF 5700 Series is built to be fuel-efficient and straightforward to use. It all adds up to a tractor that won't hold back or create additional costs. 
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