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2023 MF 7S - Massey Ferguson

2023 MF 7S - Massey Ferguson

Ready to Work


The new straightforward and dependable Massey Ferguson® 7S Series provides ultimate efficiency and reduced operating costs.


The MF 7S Series incorporates the technology you want, setting new standards in ease of operation and reliability.

MF 7S Series tractors meet the needs of farming professionals and are ideally suited for use in a range of applications.


Available with a wide choice of engine horsepower, transmissions, cab specifications, hydraulics and PTO options, you can tailor your MF 7S Series tractor to precisely match your requirements.

  • Description


    • AGCO POWER ENGINE - Our proven 6.6-liter, six-cylinder AGCO Power engine drives the MF 7S Series. It employs our exclusive, most advanced “All-In-One” aftertreatment system to meet emission regulations.

    • POWER CONTROL - The Power Control lever provides convenient three-in-one, straightforward operation. Operators can shuttle between forward/reverse, shift Dynashift speeds or ranges, and select neutral, leaving the right hand free for other tasks, like loader operation.

    • HYDRAULIC FLOW ON DYNA-6 - Massey Ferguson 7S Series tractors specified with Dyna-6 Super Eco transmissions are equipped with a 29 gal/min load sensing hydraulics as standard and an optional 39 gal/min.

    • DYNA-6 - Delivering class-leading dynamic performance and reliability, the semi-powershift transmission consists of six Dynashift ratios, optimally stepped in four ranges.

    • HYDRAULIC FLOW ON DYNA-VT - For a dynamic hydraulic response, MF 7S Series equipped with Dyna-VT has a 29 gal/min closed-center load sensing system as standard and an optional 50 gal/min.

    • DYNA-VT - Stepless transmission offers complete operator comfort and optimum fuel efficiency. The new automatic mode enables operators to adjust forward speed while automatically regulating engine speed according to load and speed.

    • ENGINE POWER MANAGEMENT — 30 HP BOOST - Engine Power Management (EPM) enables up to a 30 HP-plus power boost, plus extra torque, when required.

    • AIRFLOW SYSTEM - An optimized airflow system improves engine cooling, increasing performance and efficiency.

    • MULTIPAD — CONTROL AT THE PALM OF YOUR HAND - The MultiPad lever operates the transmission as well as controls cruise control, rear linkage, PTO, headland management and spool valves through the integrated mini joystick. It’s customizable yet intuitive, offering control like never before.

    • AUTOMATIC MODE - Automatic mode takes care of upshifts and downshifts, maximizing versatility and output. The response point is adjustable according to desired engine rpm.

    • BRAKE-TO-NEUTRAL - The optional Brake-to-Neutral switch operates the clutch as soon as the brake pedal is pressed. This eases load on the operator, while increasing efficiency and convenience — particularly useful for loader operations.

    • SUPER CREEP - Super Creep gears enable ultimate control in low-speed tasks, with forward speeds as low as .02 mph.

    • SUPER ECO - The Super Eco feature helps cut costs, with maximum speed achieved at a very low engine speed to save fuel (25 mph @ 1500 rpm, 31 mph @ 1800 rpm, depending on tires).

  • Specs

    Availability Brochure
    Style Agricultural Tractors
    Engine Manufacturer AGCO Power™
    Engine Type 6-cyl, 7.4 L
    Horsepower Max: 290 hp (104 kW); Rated: 240 hp (97 kW)
    Transmission Dyna-VT
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