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2024 230iB (tool only) (970 48 02‑02) - Husqvarna

2024 230iB (tool only) (970 48 02‑02) - Husqvarna

Experience the ideal combination of power and comfort with the Husqvarna 230iB. With best-in-class weight* and superior blowing power, this battery blower easily moves leaves and debris while still being easy to maneuver. With an ergonomic, balanced design, this blower remains comfortable to use and features a built-in debris scraper.

  • Description

    Key Features

    • Best-in-Class Weight - Lightweight and maneuverable at only 8.4 lbs

    • Superior Blowing Force - 650 CFM easily moves leaves and debris

    • Convenient Debris Scraper - Easily move sticky, wet debris

    • Adjustable Speed Control - Makes cleanup work more convenient

    • Premium Control Pad - Easy to start and stop with LED power indicator

    • Interchangeable Battery System - Able to be used in all Husqvarna battery tools, our lithium-ion batteries are durable, easy to swap and recharge quickly

    • Low Noise and Vibrations - Work comfortably for longer with reduced noise and vibration levels

    • Ergonomic Balanced Design - Balanced for less strain on your arms, shoulders and back

    • Low Maintenance - No fuel refilling, fewer parts and electronically-controlled drive system for less downtime

    • Low carbon emissions

      By choosing this product, you can feel confident that it produces lower carbon emissions during active use compared to a traditional petrol product. This battery-driven product does not emit any CO₂ during use while still providing the power and quality that you expect from a Husqvarna product. However, it’s important to note that CO₂ emissions are generated during other stages of the product´s lifecycle, such as production, charging and end-of-life disposal.

  • Specs

    Availability Brochure
    Style Residential Blowers
    Air Velocity 136.01 mph
    Engine Type BLDC (brushless)
    Weight 8.4 lb.
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