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2024 3120 XP® (965 96 07-01) - Husqvarna

2024 3120 XP® (965 96 07-01) - Husqvarna

Professional 119cc chainsaw built for felling the largest trees


Husqvarna’s largest chainsaw is one of the most powerful in the world. The primary applications for the 3120 XP® are extreme logging, portable saw mills and stump work. This saw is designed to pull the chain on our longest bars-- up to six feet! Like all Husqvarna chainsaws, the 3120 XP® has a superior power-to-weight ratio. Thanks to Smart Start®, LowVib™ and other premium features, this heavy-duty chainsaw is surprisingly easy to start and operate.

  • Description

    Key Features

    • Adjustable Oil Pump - Customize and control oil flow to meet any need

    • Quick-Release Air Filter - Easily remove and replace the filter after cleaning

    • Magnesium crankcase - Sturdily built crankcase withstands high rpms and tough professional use, ensuring a long service life.

    • Three-Piece Crankshaft - Forged three-piece crankshaft delivers maximum durability for even the toughest of jobs

    • LowVib® Technology - Dampeners between the engine and chassis significantly reduce vibrations so you can work more comfortably

    • Smart Start® Technology - Specially-designed engine and starter for easy and fast starting with minimum effort

    • Felling marks - Distinct, colored marks used for aiming the direction of timber fall.

    • Inertia-Activated Chain Brake - Reduces the likelihood of injury due to kickback.

  • Specs

    Availability Brochure
    Style Commercial Chainsaws
    Bar Length Options 24 in. - 42 in.
    Displacement 7.25 in.³
    Horse Power 8.31 hp
    Weight 22.9 lb.
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