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2024 562 XP® Mark II (970 69 67-18) - Husqvarna

2024 562 XP® Mark II (970 69 67-18) - Husqvarna

A Redesigned Legend: A 60cc powerhouse for professional forestry and tree care


Engineered for the demands of professional forestry and tree care, the Husqvarna 562 XP® Mark II offers unparalleled handling in even the most demanding work environments. Featuring a new and improved engine design and AutoTune™ 3.0 technology for simpler starting, this chainsaw offers the power of a large saw in a slim, agile body.

A testament to relentless improvement, the 562 XP® Mark II accommodates guide bars of up to 28 inches, and has been meticulously redesigned to offer more durability, improved cutting capacity, reduced weight and enhanced cooling, resulting in a powerhouse that is easy to handle, tough to beat.

    • Description

      Key Features

      • High cutting capacity - New engine design offers plenty of grunt for peak performance even during longer cuts. The high cutting capacity makes the saw ideal for productive operation – even when using a longer guide bar.

      • Ability to carry longer bars - The powerful engine in combination with the large bar mount, a sturdy crankcase and sufficient chain oiling provides an ability to carry longer bars.

      • Slimmed-down design - Low, slender saw body makes the chainsaw easy and convenient to handle in any situation.

      • Always optimized - Thanks to AutoTune 3.0, the engine settings are always optimized for maximum startability and performance in all conditions, keeping you going no matter the challenges with no need for manual carburetor adjustments.

      • Powerful and Efficient X-TORQ® Engine - The X-Torq® engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

      • Optimized saw body - No protruding parts, a smooth underside, rounded starter cover and well-protected controls all make the saw easy to handle.

      • Air Injection filters 98% of incoming dust - The Air Injection™ feature on the chainsaw filters 98% of incoming sawdust, grit and dirt to reduce the amount of air filter cleanings and ensure high performance at all times.

      • Felling sight to last a lifetime - Having a perfect sight is critical when using a chainsaw – so we made one that’s permanently molded into the chainsaw for long-lasting felling accuracy.

      • Magnetic filter protects the engine - A magnetic filter inside the fuel hose effectively prevents metal particles from reaching the carburetor and engine, which minimizes wear and interruptions.

      • Retained bar nuts - A handy retaining function reduces the chance of losing the guide bar nuts.

      • Low vibrations - Husqvarna’s anti vibration system efficiently separates your hands from the vibrations generated by the engine and the cutting equipment. This is to protect your body but also to reduce the fatigue in your arms and hands and in the end of the day contribute to make your workday more productive.

      • Quick and easy adjustment - Chain tension should be checked regularily during use. The saw comes with a side-mounted chain tensioner that makes adjustment quick and easy.

      • Flip-Up Fuel Cap - Easy to open and secures firmly, even when wearing thick gloves

      • Retained starter screws - A retaining function prevents the accidental loss of the screws holding the starter.

    • Specs

      Availability Brochure
      Style Commercial Chainsaws
      Bar Length Options 18 in. - 28 in.
      Displacement 3.65 in³
      Horse Power 4.7 hp
      Weight 13 lb.
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