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2024 CEORA™ Starter Kit (970 71 18‑01) - Husqvarna

2024 CEORA™ Starter Kit (970 71 18‑01) - Husqvarna

Get professional-quality turf without the work with CEORA™. These top-of-the-line robotic mowers feature Husqvarna EPOS™ (Exact Positioning Operating System), an innovative satellite-based technology that enables them to work within virtual boundaries, instead of physical ones. Designed for large-area mowing, CEORA™ can cover up to 6 acres with a pro sports quality cut or up to 18 acres with a regular quality cut. And with virtually-silent operation and zero emissions, CEORA™ does the ground work so your crew can focus on the details. This kit includes everything you need to get started with CEORA™, including a CEORA™ 546 EPOS™ drive unit, Razor 43M cutting deck, CS4 charging station, charging station support plate, wheel brush kit and an EPOS™ reference station.

    • Description

      Key Features

      • Husqvarna EPOS Technology - Virtual boundaries through satellite based technology with an accuracy down to 2-3 cm. No physical wires means new level of robustness and flexibility with unmatched possibilities when programming. Makes it possible to define several work areas with different timers and settings. Like to create temporary stay-out zones and pre-set transport paths for a more flexible placement of the charging station.

      • EPOS guidance - Automatically calculates the most efficient route to and from the charging station’s docking point. It will vary its route on the lawn to avoid unpleasant tracks.

      • Husqvarna Fleet Services™ - Husqvarna Fleet Services™ gives you the possibility to monitor and control multiple numbers of mowers from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can overview your mower’s status or exact location, command them to start, stop or park them all before the storm arrives. Easy to adjust settings and cutting heights. Receive alarms and track the mower’s position in case of theft – from everywhere. 10 years mobile data contract included. Standard on 500-series, optional on X-line models. Husqvarna Fleet Services™ also work together with all other HFS sensor equipped products.

      • Virtual boundaries - The work area and its virtual boundaries are defined by Husqvarna EPOS technology, using high precision satellite signals (RTK GNSS). No limits in length or passing of hard surfaces and with an accuracy of 2-3 cm.

      • Reliable installation - Installation with virtual boundaries, through Husqvarna EPOS technology, provides optimal performance in terms of durability. It is completely unaffected by physical impact during aeration or turf repair and eliminates the risk of damaging connectors and wires.

      • Transport paths - Define transport paths from the charging station location to all work areas, including the transport path to the Maintenance point. Provides the opportunity for great flexibility in the placement of the charging station.

      • Temporary stay-out zones - Create larger or smaller Temporary stay-out zones, easily activated/deactivated through the mobile app. A practical and flexible way to prevent the robot from working in a newly planted area or during renovation of the surface. Useful if part of the surface needs to be restricted for a temporary event, demo, etc.

      • Maintenance point - Define a Maintenance point, an optional parking point on the map, for maintenance such as cleaning and service or storage, loading, etc. that the product automatically accesses on a defined Transport path.

      • appDrive - driving by remote - Make the product easy to steer by using a smart phone. Use appDrive when defining an EPOS map, or when driving the product between areas without need of carrying.

      • Object Detection/Avoidance - For safety and minimized downtime, built-in sensors using ultrasonic technology assist the product to detect or avoid objects. The Detection mode reduces the speed and makes collisions softer; the Avoidance mode reduces speed and stops before the object.

      • Pro user interface - Interface adapted for professional handling, meaning more important settings and controls managed remotely through Husqvarna Fleet Services smartphone app or via PC/tablet. Simplifies use for inexperienced users and minimizes serious impact on the product in case of vandalism.

      • Warning lights - Energy-efficient LED warning lights provide visibility and discoverability in darkness and daylight for safe operations. The lights can be set to solid or flashing configurations and different schedules.

      • Built-in Theft Protection - To reduce risk of theft, an alarm sounds if the mower is lifted and can only be deactivated with your unique PIN code. Additionally, GPS enabled tracking allows you to view your mower's location at all times.

      • Superior Connectivity - Make Automower® part of your smart home with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. And, with the Automower® Connect app, you have complete control of your mowers settings and schedule right from your phone.

      • FOTA - Firmware-Over-The-Air - FOTA allows you to make software updates automatically, over the air, through Automower® Connect.

      • Unique cutting system - The principle of the cutting system is based on the grass surface being mowed regularly. This means that each blade of grass is cut very little at a time but often, which guarantees a strong, nice-looking and healthy turf. The robust cutting discs are equipped with sharp razor-like blades made of strong carbon steel. This provides efficient operation and extremely low energy consumption.

      • Service position - The cutting deck is easily moveable into vertical Service position, to facilitate regular cleaning and maintenance.

      • Cutting deck with Protection zone - The Protection zone is the area from the cutting deck's outer edge to the blade discs. The Protection zone minimizes the risk of accidents.

      • Electric height adjustment - PATENTED - Electric cutting height adjustment makes it convenient to set the desired height via the Husqvarna Automower® Connect app. The setting is also accessible from the mower’s main menu.

      • Balance control - Automatically detects and notifies if imbalance in the cutting system occur to ensure trouble-free and silent operation. Imbalance could be caused by missing, double mounted or damaged blades.

    • Specs

      Availability Brochure
      Style Commercial Lawn Mowers
      Deck Size 26.8 in.
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