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2024 MF 5S - Massey Ferguson

2024 MF 5S - Massey Ferguson

Move into a new era of possibilities


Simply the best-in-class tractor between 115 HP and 145 HP, the Massey Ferguson 5S Series offers a choice of three models with an upgraded design incorporating the iconic sabre styling.


Agile and nimble, it offers best-in-class visibility combined with excellent maneuverability from its tight, 13-foot turning radius. Delivering great performance, the MF 5S Series combines economy with high levels of comfort and control along with a wide choice of equipment and options to suit all applications.


Built to tackle all the challenges and tasks on your farm efficiently and economically, the MF 5S Series is indisputably the first choice for dairy, hay and livestock operations.

  • Description

    Hydraulic Performance

    • HIGH CAPACITY REAR LINKAGE - Specifically optimized for the MF 5S Series, the rear linkage now boasts an impressive lift capacity of up to 10,300 lbs, enabling it to lift and handle heavy mounted equipment with ease.

    • HYDRAULICS ADJUSTMENT - Fully adjustable lift rods and heavy-duty stabilizers provide plenty of adjustment for the perfect attachment and setting for a wide range of mounted and semi-mounted implements.

    • AUXILIARY SPOOL VALVES - A wide choice of spool valves and control options help you make the most of using modern implements as well as ease operation. Depending on your tractor’s specification, you’ll find up to four spool valves to meet all your requirements.

    • CLASSIC MODELS - SPOOL VALVES - There’s straightforward mechanical control of the spool valves on Classic Models, with the addition of a comfortable dedicated joystick option for precise loader control.

    • DELUXE MODELS - SPOOL VALVES - Deluxe Model operators benefit from an armrest-mounted electronic joystick for the control of the four spool valves.

    • HEAVY-DUTY INTEGRATED FRONT LINKAGE SYSTEM - With its 6,600lb lift capacity (+17% vs previous range), at the ball ends, the new stronger, compact Integrated Front Linkage System enables you to take full advantage of the power of the MF 5S Series.

    • CLOSE-COUPLED FRONT LINKAGE - Redesigned to match the new optional front suspension, the close-coupled front linkage is an integral part of the design, maintaining the tractor’s compact dimensions, while enhancing stability and manoeuvrability.

    • INDUSTRY-LEADING ELECTRONIC LINKAGE CONTROL (ELC) - The latest Electronic Linkage Control (ELC) system provides precise and responsive operation of the linkage functions, ensuring accurate control of the working depth for soil-engaging implements and working height for mounted implements.

    • ELC POTENTIOMETER - Accurate electronic control provides convenient linkage operation. The ELC potentiometer is positioned to the right of the operator for comfortable and easy use, providing precise control of implement depth as well as lifting and lowering the linkage.

    • ELECTRONIC LIFT CONTROL PANEL - The Electronic Lift Control panel provides straightforward adjustment of other rear linkage functions helping to improve productivity.

    • ELC STANDARD FEATURES - Useful standard features include Active Transport Control, which automatically absorbs shocks on the road, as well as external lift/lower controls, located on the right and left-hand fenders.

    • STANDARD OPEN-CENTER 15 GAL/MIN PUMP - The system provides plenty of flow and pressure to the linkage and external hydraulic functions for lifting heavy equipment or powering auxiliary accessories.

    • OPTIONAL OPEN-CENTER COMBINED FLOW 26 GAL/MIN PUMP - This system employs a simple, novel design to generate continuous flow. This provides full flow to separate functions, such as the linkage and spool valves, as well as provide higher efficiency and power for loader applications.

    • CLOSED-CENTER, HIGH-FLOW 29 GAL/MIN PUMP - This employs a variable displacement swash plate pump and load-sensing control to deliver high flowrates at low engine speeds, helping to maintain high output with economy.

    • HIGH EFFICIENCY PTO - A straightforward driveline to the Independent PTO delivers maximum power and efficiency. There is a choice of three speeds, selected easily using rocker switches, conveniently located on the console.

    • PTO ENGAGEMENT - The PTO is engaged electro-hydraulically, using a three-position safety switch (On, Off, and Lock/Brake). The PTO can also be engaged and disengaged using external fender-mounted switches.

  • Specs

    Availability Brochure
    Style Agricultural Tractors
    Engine Manufacturer AGCO Power™
    Engine Type 4-cyl, 4.4 L
    Horsepower Max: 115 HP to 145 HP
    Transmission Dyna-4
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